At Creative Facility Design, All We Care About Is Your Datacenter… And we Do It Well

Creative Facility Design is a full-service organization for thermal design, optimization and troubleshooting of Mission Critical Facilities.  We utilizes the popular 6SigmaDC suite of data center software tools for 3D space, power and cooling design, optimization, management and capacity planning.

Our Comprehensive Approach to DCIM

Asset Management
Change Management
Capacity Management
Power Management
Airflow Management
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling
Virtual Environment Management

Benefits for Your Datacenter

Full Optimization
Energy Efficiency “Green”
Risk Reduction (e.g. SLAs)
Capital/Operational Cost Reduction
Datacenter Longevit

Managing a 24/7/365 mission-critical data center is the most challenging job in IT today
CFDesign helps you do it smarter throughout the entire datacenter lifecycle
CFD Models

CFDesign’s robust CFD Modeling approach, combined with all other DCIM functionalities, provides the only industry-recognized approach to building a virtual ground-up facility.

We help you design the optimal datacenter. Then, we help you maintain your ever-changing datacenter in full-optimization throughout its operational life.

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