Audit Services

Energy Audit

A CFDesign engineer will come to your facility to conduct an energy audit. There are two main objectives with the Energy Assessment strategy, namely, to accelerate energy savings and to multiply those savings through replication. The potential for acceleration of energy savings occurs because during the audit, CFDesign will develop an energy profile by working with your data center team. We will:

• Perform a review of select data center systems
• Identify a list of potential energy saving measures
• Estimate associated cost and energy savings
• Document cost and energy savings from these measures if implemented
• Help you multiply savings through replication by building internal awareness and expertise
• Help your organization form an energy management program

Because we are Certified Data Center Energy Professional (CDCEP), we are able to conduit an audit that will provide you with immediate, tangible, and sustainable results such as energy, economic, and environmental savings. A key outcome of the assessment is to develop a roadmap (action plan) for progress, including an honest assessment of how CFDesign can be of assistance to you.

An Energy Audit will generally take 30 business days.

CFDesign’s Energy Audit–Detailed Steps

CFDesign’s Quick Audit–Detailed Steps

If you are not sure you wish to sign up for a full DCEP Audit, CFDesign has a solution for you. An Energy-certified CFDesign engineer will come to your facility to conduct a “Quick Audit.” This option is a low-commitment choice that will allow us to quickly assess how CFDesign can add value to your data center operation. In two days, we will determine if and how your data center is a good candidate for a full Energy Audit. Best of all, the work performed during the Quick Audit is immediately transferable to the Full Energy Audit process and will result in a full customer credit if the Energy Audit is conducted as a follow-up.

Learn More about the Specific Steps of the Quick Audit