Energy Cost Savings

CFDesign offers many tangible benefits that help you optimize and manage data center configuration. What’s more, we can actually “fund our own efforts” through the energy savings we can create for you.

CFDesign Is prepared to prove it. The following chart shows a hypothetical example (rough estimate) of potential energy savings gained from allowing CFDesign to bring your data center into optimization. It is based on the current energy usage of a typical large data center.

Your actual savings will vary

When you engage CFDesign to conduct an audit of your Data Center (See Data Center Audit Service) we will prepare an Executive Summary that will provide a detailed assessment of your projected energy savings, customized to your data center. It will help you determine whether energy savings measures warrant further investigation and action.

A number of energy efficiency opportunities with varying payback periods will be identified during the assessment. Additionally, CFDesign will provide a report with a list of recommended next steps to formalize your energy savings goals. Here is a hypothetical excerpt of such a list:

Potential Annual Energy Savings–Hypothetical Example

* Potential Savings % (Site Energy) show the percent of your data center’s total current energy consumption that can be saved (i.e. potential savings % = 100 * (potential savings/current total energy use)).

** The potential cost savings for each breakout category is calculated by multiplying the potential energy savings by the total unit cost. In this example the cost of a kilowatt hour is $0.1199