Facilities Management Approach

CFDesign’s use of industry-leading Facility Management tools, combined with our deep experience in every aspect of data center design and operation, will produce results that help you stay on top of your data center. We will work with you to create a “Virtual Facility” that models every single component of your datacenter as it is now or as it is planned (for a new data center). Then, using industry-leading CFD modeling, in a full 3-dimensional representation of your data center, we can measure all important metrics such as PUE to let you manage your configuration and understand your risks and tolerances.

Of course, configurations change fast but with your Virtual Facility defined and easily updatable, you will always be in control from that point forward. CFDesign provides you with a test bed in which you can evaluate/troubleshoot/and plan any modification to your data center. Because all modeling is done in a virtual environment, you will never again need to worry about how any change or addition, no matter how large or small, will impact your data center. What’s more, we can help you extend the useful life of your datacenter saving you money on an ongoing basis, delaying the need for a huge capital outlay, and improving reliability while lowering the risk of thermal failure. CFDesign’s Facility management approach offers the following tangible benefits:

• Infinite Possibilities – Create “what-if” installs, moves and uninstalls scenarios to test proposed configurations and their impact on heat and cooling, power, space, weight, performance and more. Not only can you model almost any scenario (right down to repositioning floor grills) but you can save hypothetical configuration sets for future consideration or comparison.

• Optimal and Insightful Capacity Planning – Using your Virtual Facility to model planned or hypothetical changes allows you to predict cost, reliability, performance metrics (e.g. PUE, DCiE, and IT inlet temperatures) all before they are implemented. For example. conduct thermal simulations to reset cooling limits on cabinets as IT layout deviates from original design loads.

• Troubleshooting – If you are already in a compromised situation, use your Virtual Facility model to diagnose problems such as the cause of overheating equipment. Then, avoid costly mistakes by simulating the effect of proposed fixes before you actually make them.

• Excellent User Interface – Changes (reflecting actual data center changes or hypothetical) are easy using drag-and-drop functionality. The Virtual Facility’s 3-dimensional view makes you feel like you are standing in it.

• Open Architecture Means Compatibility – Our tools will integrate with your 3rd party tools such as a DCIM and real-time monitoring systems. Importing and exporting data is easy, real-time, and without duplication of effort and the corresponding likelihood of errors.

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