Network Management

CFDesign’s Network Management approach helps you keep your network in an optimized condition, promoting cost savings, increased reliability, and improved cooling. Network management allows you to record your complete IP network within the Virtual Facility. Benefits include:

• Minimize Actual Network Problems – By recording and managing your IP connections in the Virtual Facility, you can avoid or mitigate actual blockages and pinch points which can be problematic to both connectivity and efficient airflow. Cable obstructions are calculated automatically and improve overall thermal assessments.

• Accommodates all Types of IP Networks – Network types include LAN, WLAN, WAN, SAN, KVM and more. Network Management supports point-to-point cabling or standards-based structured cabling systems; supports multiple connection Internet routes (1-4), and includes connections down to the port level.

• Excellent User Interface – Easily locate server connections and paths using logical views. Additionally, the Virtual Facility’s 3-dimensional view provides an excellent physical perspective.

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