Power Management

We are sure you would agree that simulating a power failure in a virtual environment is much better that experiencing one for real.  Once you add your data center’s logical power connections to your Virtual Facility, you can model and test your power infrastructure in your Virtual Facility. Power management not only helps you minimize the risk of catastrophic power failures, but also it helps you maximize your data center’s energy efficiency which results in lower operating expenses. CFDesign’s Power Management approach offers the following tangible benefits:

• Automatic Analyses and Reporting – Power Management will automatically report you power system’s total power capacity and current total power draw. It will also check for power system overload in both the normal operation state and for any single point of failure. You can evaluate what equipment is at risk in the case of a single point of failure of any UPS or PDU and as a result of a cascade failure following a single point of failure.

• Power Management Considers Everything – Power Management lets you define all key power components within your Virtual Facility including: utility supplies, transformers, static transfer switches, UPSs, PDUs, individual fuse/breakers and panels, and power strips.

• Balance the Load – Power Management lets you check and balance load across your system ensuring on the way you do not exceed PDU and UPS limits.

• Worst Case Scenarios – Power management reports the worst case failure scenarios, allowing you to take preventative measures if necessary. You can study worst case scenarios of a single point failure including potential cascade effect from the resulting outage.

• Simulate Power Failures – You can simulate power failures of any sort and evaluate how the failure of one component, several components, or a sequential chain of event failure will impact your data center power infrastructure. By simulating failures in any combination or magnitude, you can take proactive steps to optimize your power system so simulated failures don’t become real failures.

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