Who We Are


Creative Facility Design (CFDesign) is an environmental energy consultancy that offers a wide range of services, all centered upon the modern, mission-critical data center. While some in our industry spread their attention across many domains and facility types (factories, ships, power plants, aircraft, etc.) we place all of our focus and attention on data centers. Why? Because we know that domain knowledge is just as important as functional expertise. Before a consultant can come in and advise you on the complexities of your data center, they must first understand the technology and business drivers, as well as the environmental energy drivers, that you face on a daily bases as a facility or data center manager.

With over 25 years of deep experience in data center environments, CFDesign’s President and CEO Paul Brin has that knowledge and he provides it as a foundation of ever-evolving industry best practices for the CFDesign Team. CFDesign has significant experience and knowledge across all aspects of the development, building and maintenance of high performing data centers, including expertise in the analysis and delivery of cost-effective and “Green” energy solutions.

As a facility approaches or is poised to exceed its design specifications, equipment installation and configuration management become increasingly more critical. CFDesign helps you address this emerging challenge using a suite of tools and techniques that represent a holistic approach.


Your data center configuration may be changing as often as daily/weekly with installs, moves and uninstalls. And every time it does, there are consequences that affect cooling, power, space, weight, performance and more. It presents you with a giant multi-variable equation, or better yet, a Rubix cube. Only a holistic approach will work.

CFDesign accomplishes this by creating a “Virtual” representation of your data center. Combining industry leading tools, deep data center experience, and lots of continually-updated expertise, we create a computer-simulated model of your data center. Inputs include architectural plans and comprehensive under/above floor details. Using this “Virtual Facility” CFDesign can provide critically-needed guidance on issues such as:

  • day-to-day operations void depth analysis against pressure distribution
  • inventory of all equipment housed within the facility
  • visualization of the temperature distribution and airflow (room and cabinet level) via computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling
  • tracking of historic changes in equipment layout
  • and more

CFDesign has specialized knowledge that is usually not resident within even the largest data center operations in the world. We are always honing our craft. Data center optimization is all we do and we do it exceptionally well.