Working With CFDesign

CFDesign is the logical choice for any organization that owns and operates its own data centers. We are also an excellent business partner for companies in the Data Center engineering and construction industry.


wwc1As a facility manager, you are responsible for planning, implementing, coordinating and supervising operations, maintenance, communications, and staff. You are expected to maximize system uptime and mitigate risk. Perhaps you oversee all building systems and are expected to remain current with important technology trends, and evaluate and make recommendations on building automation, energy management and temperature control. You represent the corporate memory and repository of industry best practices for your company but you can’t be an expert at everything. Fortunately, you don’t have to be.

CFDesign has specialized knowledge in data center optimization tools and techniques, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), that is usually not resident within even the largest data center operations in the world. There is a good reason for that … it would be an expensive and resource draining activity. For any highly technical and rapidly evolving, technical field, it is important to know what expertise must be retained in-house and what expertise is best outsourced. Our specialization allows us to remain abreast of all related technology issues and to maintain a level of expertise that would not be as cost-effective for you to maintain. Let CFDesign be your go-to resource for life cycle data center optimization. It’s what we live for and there is too much at stake to do otherwise.


wwc2You employ leading edge tools and techniques to design and build mission critical data centers for your clients. But what separates you from the rest of the pack? CFDesign can complement your service and product offering with our industry-leading modeling capabilities. As explained above for Owners and Operators, you can’t be an expert at everything and it often doesn’t make sense to try. CFDesign makes a valuable business partner for you. Our capabilities are often too specialized for you to economically develop in-house. If you chose that option, you must license the costly software and then teach an already experienced engineer how to use it, an expensive and time-consuming proposition. Then, what happens when that person leaves?

CFDesign can help you complete the picture without the complexity because we offer the only toolset and CFD Modeling expertise that also addresses all other DCIM functionalities. As such, we provide the only fully integrated, industry-recognized approach to building a virtual ground-up facility for initial modeling and lifecycle management purposes. This is a huge benefit that provides significant ongoing value to your customers and a meaningful competitive advantage to you. CFDesign is an excellent partner and we make your great solutions even better.